5 Elements of Good Garden Design

Elements of Good Garden Design – There are more than 5 Elements, let’s keep it simple to start. Color, Balance, Light, Texture & Contrast.  For every new Gardener, it can be overwhelming knowing what to plant with what, which colors to use and how it will all look in full bloom.  Will everything have balance, will […]

Patriotic Decorations

Patriotic Decorations Memorial Day, 4th of July or all year round! Patriotic Decorations – Super Easy Door Hanger!   There are many patriotic decorations you can make for indoor or outdoor.  This one doesn’t take much time and looks nice on a door, back porch or even hanging on a plant stand. Start with a […]

Grow Plants Using Pallets

How To Grow Plants Using Pallets – Super Easy Instructions Most exciting part about Grow Plants Using Pallets project for me is I get to do my two favorite things…Build w/pallets and garden all at once! Build Your Own Recycled Plant Stand! Photo Courtesy of The Inspired Room (my picture coming soon, still planting) Once you choose […]

Beginner’s Guide – Building With Pallets

Know Your Pallets Beginner’s Guide To Building With Pallets   It doesn’t matter if you get a 2-Way or a 4-Way.  That means how many openings there are for a forklift to insert the forks for picking up.  Either one would be great for taking apart and using for building.  Keep reading to learn about […]

Creative Gardening Containers

Creative Gardening Containers Repurpose an old file cabinet into a creative flower container.  Even if the file cabinet isn’t metal, you can spray paint it to look like it is.  Whatever look you are going for, it can be achieved with lightly sanding the item and then spray painting it!  That simple.  Check out a few […]