8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Ladders

8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Ladders With Spring almost here, I have been super busy cleaning and organizing.  I decided to make use of a ladder to define the space between our entry way and living room.  As I was looking for ideas, I found some really creative ways to repurpose old ladders.  You […]

DIY Repurposed Dresser Mirror

DIY Repurposed Dresser Mirror   So many times I see people put old furniture out on the curb for trash day.  If anything, take it to Goodwill, it won’t be tossed in an already over-crowded landfill and someone else can purchase it for a price they normally wouldn’t be able to afford at a retail […]

DIY Repurposed Child Kitchen

DIY Repurposed Child Kitchen, what a great idea!  Made out of an old TV Cabinet.  What a lucky little girl! This is an easy idea, just remove the door, and take out the glass.  Next, sand all around the tv stand and repaint.   Add all the little pieces to resemble a real kitchen, curtains, […]

3 Best Circular Saws – Comparison Chart

3 Best Circular Saws – Comparison Chart I used to be terrified to use a circular saw and would think of any other way to cut, just so I wouldn’t have to use one.  Sometimes though, a circular saw is the best option for the job.  I just needed to learn how to use one. […]

Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas

Too many hobbies, not enough garage storage?     Here are a few Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas.     Before tackling any of these ideas, first determine the best garage layout. Decide where you want each type of item to live, considering its frequency of use and the available space. For instance, recycling should live near […]

DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit

Make your own garden stake with this DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit.  This Kit contains 7 pieces, there are 5 Petals, 1 Center & 1 Stem.  Each piece is made of forged steel and is very sturdy.  The stem is approx 48″ tall.  This is such an easy and fun welding project.  Or, you can […]

Build It! – New To Building Furniture?

In today’s post with Build It! – New To Building Furniture?, I am going to discuss the way I learned how to build my own furniture. First, let me give you a little back story about the how and why I started building my own furniture.  My Husband and I went furniture shopping, looking for a few […]