Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl

Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl These flaming rock bowls pictured above are actually a product that Restoration Hardware used to sell. Although they’re no longer available, knowing RH, I’m sure they weren’t cheap. Enter ManMade, who got all fancy with the concrete.  What a great Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl.  All […]

DIY Beginner Woodworking Projects | 7 Essential Must Have Tools

 7 Essential Tools for Woodworking Projects  I purchased these tools as I needed them.  It may take you a few days/weeks to get to the point of needing a Nail Gun for example, no need to rush out and purchase one until you need it.  Some of the power tools you can rent from your local […]

Patriotic Themed Patio Cushions

Create Something Fabulous! Patriotic Themed Patio Cushions When I first decided to make a new patio table top, I wanted to refresh the cushions also.  I was going for a Patriotic theme, but my local fabric stores didn’t have exactly what I wanted.  I searched the internet over and over until I found Fabric.com.   […]