7 Step Easy Box Cushions

Step by Step Instructions:

7 Step Easy Box Cushions

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Quick & Easy Box Cushion

Sewing Cushion Tutorial – 7 Steps to a Quick & Easy Box Cushions

Step 1 – Cut Foam to Size

Cut your foam to the desired size of your finished cushion plus 1/4” on all sides.

Step 2 – Cut Bottom Plate to Size

Lay out the fabric for your cushion bottom. Set the foam on top of it and trace around the perimeter. Then draw a line 1/4” in from your traced line. Cut out your plate along the inner line.

Step 3 – Sew Zipper to Bottom Plate

Cut your zipper to the length of cushion plus a few inches. Install the zipper slider. Then, baste the zipper in place across the center of the underside of the bottom plate with the zipper facing down. Sew the zipper in place.

 Step 4 – Cut Top Plate to Size

On the wrong side of your top, decorative fabric, trace around the perimeter of your foam. Strike a line using the thickness of the foam minus 1/4” as the distance out from the traced line. This outer line will be your cut line.

 Step 5 – Creating Facing from Top Plate

Extend the inner line on your fabric out past the cut line. This will form a square at each corner. Cut out your fabric along the cut line and then cut out the traced square at each corner. Flip the fabric over right-side up and baste the corners together. Sew the corners together using a 3/8” seam allowance.

Step 6 – Sew the Plates Together

Use basting tape to baste together the bottom and the top plates with the right sides facing in. Be sure to use match up marks to line up the center of each side on both plates. Sew the plates together using a 3/8” seam allowance.

 Step 7 – Insert Foam in Cushion Cover

Open the zipper and turn the cover right side out. Insert the foam. Be sure to work the foam into the corners and edges so everything looks nice.

Here are a few patterns I have used for RV cushions.  Great weight and durability!

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