DIY Bulletin Board Using Old Mattress Springs


DIY Bulletin Board


Guess what this pile of old mattress springs can turn into?  How to make a DIY bulletin board using old mattress springs.  Another Reuse/Repurpose/Upcycle Idea!  Keep saving our Planet!


DIY Bulletin Board - From An Old Mattress Springs
Lots of old mattress springs to choose from in a landfill.  Grab a few!


Be sure to clean up any old metal or steel you pick up at a garage sale, landfill or your neighbors garage!  The older they are, the more of a safety hazard.  Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed, there is a tutorial on how to clean up old painted metal/steel.

You can add anything you want to this DIY Bulletin Board, the picture below is just an idea.  Great for an entry way, clip notes onto the bulletin board so you don’t forget them when walking out the door!


DIY Bulletin Board Using Old Mattress Springs