DIY Chalkboard Planner

DIY Chalkboard Planner

DIY Chalkboard Planner – Repurpose an Old Window! 


I have been trying to focus on Upcycling & Repurposing more often.  The majority of my posts are centered around using old items to make new items, which in turn is great for our environment.  No need to clutter the landfills with outdated stuff, let’s repurpose it instead!

This week’s Upcycle Series is using an old window to bring organization to your house.  Organize your family’s schedule by taking an old window (glass removed) and adding a backer board covered with chalkboard paint.  Super easy instructions to make your own DIY Chalkboard Planner!  What a great idea for the environment!

DIY Window Planner!

Please share pictures and comments!  Happy Upcycling!