DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit

Make your own garden stake with this DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit.  This Kit contains 7 pieces, there are 5 Petals, 1 Center & 1 Stem.  Each piece is made of forged steel and is very sturdy.  The stem is approx 48″ tall.  This is such an easy and fun welding project.  Or, you can order the Metal Garden Stake already welded, which is ready to use.  Metal can be painted with any Rust-Oleum paint.

Materials Needed:

DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit
5 Metal Petals
DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit
1 Center Piece
DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit
1 Long Stem









How To Assemble:

The instructions below are only suggestions.  If you want to put together your DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit using a different design, please email me pictures so I can post them on  

  1. Make sure the pieces are free from dirt and oils before starting to assemble.  Brush off the dirt and wipe down with water if necessary.  BE SURE THEY ARE DRY BEFORE STARTING ANYTHING ELSE.
  2. Lay out the pieces in the design of your choice.  **Helpful Tip – I like to lay out all pieces on a large sheet plywood first.  Then I take a marker or chalk pencil and mark a line on to each petal where they intersect.  Another way is to lay them out on sheet metal and trace the design.  You can move the pieces if needed because you have an outline of where they should go when you start to weld.**
  3. After welding, clean up or smooth (grind) out any imperfections and you are ready to paint.  Any Rust-Oleum paint will work, it adheres to metal very well.  You can spray a protective topcoat if needed due to your climate.

7 Piece Metal Garden Stake Kit – $25.00  [wpepsc name=”Metal Garden Stake Kit” price=”25.00″ align=”left”]

Do you want to learn how to weld?  There are quite a few welding videos on YouTube.  Watching videos give you the basics which I recommend, but you really need to give it time and patience, eventually you will be good at it.  Welding takes lots of practice.  Check out “Welding Tables and Workbench Options” & “Beginner Welding Tools”

Welded Flower:



Completely Assembled Metal Garden Stake  $37.49/ea  (Shipping Included)  [wpepsc name=”Metal Garden Stake” price=”$37.49″ align=”left”]