DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool


I can’t believe 2017 is here already.  The last four months have been super busy, below are a few updates, DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool.  The plans included in this email are for the whole table, I only needed to make the top seeing as we already had the base from our old table.  I also made a few changes which I will outline below.

DIY Patio Table – Refresh Old Table and Cushions

We had a huge wind storm a few years back that broke the glass off of our patio table.  I used a sheet of plywood last summer with a tablecloth over it until I had time to make a new top for it.  The cushions needed a refresh also so they matched our Repurposed Wooden Spool Bar Table.

DIY Patio Table with Ice Bucket Inserts, DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool

DIY Patio Table, Torched Wood, Ice Bucket inserted into Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool  DIY Patio Table, DIY America Theme Cushions, DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool


Cushion Refresh – Step by Step Instructions & Fabric Information Here 

 Repurposed Wooden Spool Turned Bar Table

I have wanted a Spool Table forever!  My awesome Husband finally found a place that sells them and I took it from this…

DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool


To This….

DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool

First Step:  Sanding, Sanding and more Sanding

Second Step:  Trim bottom circle that way the chairs can be pushed closer to the table when sitting on them.  Circular and jig saw work great for this.

Third Step:  Zinsser Bulls-Eye Primer!  Grey primer under the red and blue so the colors weren’t distorted, white primer under white paint.

Fourth Step:  Paint different sections with whatever color you want, or you can paint the whole table the same color.  For the paint I used Rust-Oleum RedWhite, Blue and the Sealer was Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Clear.

Fifth Step:  Lightly sand the painted wood, 220 grit with a real light touch to only rough up the surface a little before applying the top coat

Sixth Step:  Top Coat.

White Bar Height Chairs came from Wayfair!  The Sku is TADN6743 just in case you want to check out the same ones I have.

Please message me with any questions or comments, feedback is always welcome!

Table Plans by Domesticated Engineer Available Here 

**I skipped the step about building a box around the planter to and attaching it underneath the table.  To save time and lumber, I used Pipe Strap, it is mostly used in the Plumbing Industry but works great for home repairs also.  Cut the length you need, wrap it from one side of the planter to the other and screw the ends of the strap underneath the table.



DIY Patio Table, Repurposed Wooden Spool