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DIY Repurposed Bookshelf:

I have had these two bookshelves for about 15 years, not bad for press-board!  I wasn’t ready to donate them so I kept them in my office closet.  I liked the storage capacity, but they didn’t match the decor anymore.  I thought I would try some paint, put a new backing on and change up the storage bins.  I went for a wood & metal look for my office so if I could pull this off, it should look really cool.

DIY Repurposed Bookshelf
Sorry…I was so excited to start this project I disassembled and primed both bookshelves before taking a picture! This is a replica I found for sale online at Target.

DIY Repurposed Bookshelf, DIY Bookshelf Reveal         Both primed & painted, one backing done, the other still left to do….

Primer Brand – Zinsser Bulls Eye

Paint Brand – Americana Decor- Chalky Finish – Everlasting Color

DIY Repurposed Bookshelf

Backing – Vinyl Flooring from Lumber Liquidators!  I purchased this flooring to make a plank wall on our kitchen island, that post to come at a later date when project is finished.  I had extra so I used the vinyl flooring as the backing for my bookshelf.  I was going to use pallet wood but thought that would make the shelves heavier than I wanted.



DIY Repurposed Bookshelf, DIY Bookshelf Reveal
I think I might use corrugated metal for the backing on the other one, not sure yet so stay tuned…