Easy DIY Potting Bench – Ana White

DIY Potting Bench


Easy DIY Potting Bench
Pegboard Backing w/Stencil Flower, Painted with Rust-Oleum Satin Moss Green

Easy DIY Potting Bench

This Potting Bench took me one afternoon to make, super easy instructions from Ana-White/Ryobi Nation.  Check out the full tutorial at www.ryobitools.com/nation/projects/potting-bench_4031 I have also included the steps below.  I opted to use a pegboard for the backing vs. wood slats, you can customize anyway you like.  The Stencil I used was a large wall version I found at Michaels.  I spray painted the pegboard the same Moss Green as the bench and used sponge applicators with craft paint for the flower.


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Cut List:
2 – 2×4 @ 61-1/2” (back legs)
2 – 2×4 @ 35-1/4” (front legs)
4 – 2×4 @ 22” (side aprons)
10 – 1×4 @ 39” (front aprons, short shelf boards, back shelf)
10 – 1×4 @ 42” (long shelf boards, back boards)
2 – 1×4 @ 24” both ends cut at 45 degrees, long point to short point measurement (cross support)

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Mark the back legs from the bottom at 11-1/4” and 35-1/4”. Attach with 2-1/2” exterior deck screws the 22” long side aprons to the back legs, matching marks with tops of aprons. Then mark the front legs 1-1/2” in from front edge and also 11-1/4” up from bottom of leg. Attach other side of 22” long side aprons to the front legs.

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Attach front aprons to the side aprons with 2” deck screws and glue.

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Shelving – Place shelving boards on bottom shelf. Attach with about a ½” gap in between shelf boards with 2” exterior deck screws. Repeat for top shelf.

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Cross bracing – cut cross bracing at 45 degree angles on ends. Attach to back legs and the back shelf board with 2” exterior deck screws and glue.

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Hutch Back – Attach hutch back boards to back legs with 2” exterior deck screws, leaving about 2” gap in between boards.

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Hutch Shelf – Screw through back boards and back legs into the hutch shelf board sides and back to attach with 2” exterior deck screws.

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Accessories – Add hooks and towel bar for additional accessories.