Essential Beginning Welder Tools

Are you interested in welding?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Below are a few Essential Beginning Welder Tools, safety comes first!

Welding Table or Workbench

A sturdy metal workbench or table is essential when welding.  Try to get one at least waist-high so you don’t have to spend hours bending over.  There are several portable and permanent options to choose from.  You want to use either metal or mild steel.  You could also use Stainless Steel but it is pretty expensive.  

Welding Helmets

The most important lesson I hope you take away from this section is do not skimp on a welding helmet.  Safety comes first!  There are several to choose from and in my research, the ones with the best safety ratings have the following:

  • Auto Darkening – Available in two of types:  

  1. Fixed or variable shade which combines the power of the standard fixed lens and auto darkening lenses by darkening to a fixed 10 shade. This type of auto-darkening helmet is an option for you if you use the same welding process on similar materials with the same thickness.
  2. Variable auto-darkening helmet lens is not limited to darkening to 10 shade when the arc is detected. It all depends on the shade you set. This type of helmet is an option for people who weld with different techniques such as TIG, MIG and Stick which require them to vary the arc’s brightness as well as the welding amperage.
  • Lens reaction timeAnother point to consider when you are shopping for a welding helmet is the lens reaction time.  Reaction time refers to how long it takes the lens to darken when the arc is detected. This helps to reduce eye fatigue and the effect of UV rays and infrared rays on your eyes. It is advisable that you go for a lens with high reaction time. The rating for basic lenses is 1/3,600 second but professional or industrial grade helmet has a lens reaction time of 1/20,000.

  • Viewing size – Make sure that the viewing size of the welding helmet you choose suits the type of welding you do. The typical viewing size for a light duty application is about 6 sq. inches while for industrial use is about 9 sq. inches.

  • Adjustable sensitivity control – Normally auto darkening welding helmets of intermediate and professional grades have a feature that allows user to set the sensitivity of the lens. Buy a type that comes with this feature, especially if you are going to weld at a very low amperage.  Sensitivity control is especially important for TIG welders when the brightness of the arc is lower compared with other types of welding.

I prefer the variable auto-darkening.  This feature allows you to adjust the sensitivity so you can wear it while grinding and any other projects that require more protection than safety glasses.

There are many different helmet styles and designs.  Check out a few options below.

Essential Beginning Welder Tools Essential Beginning Welder Tools Essential Beginning Welder Tools Essential Beginning Welder ToolsEssential Beginning Welder Tools

I hope you found Essential Beginning Welder Tools informational.   Sorry this was long but there are so many details you need to consider when purchasing your essential beginning welder tools.


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