Creative Container Gardening

Creative Container Gardening
Creative Container Gardening

Repurpose an old file cabinet into a creative flower container.  Even if the file cabinet isn’t metal, you can spray paint it to look like it is.  Whatever look you are going for, it can be achieved with lightly sanding the item and then spray painting it!  That simple.  Check out a few examples of paint I currently use in my outdoor projects here….The Forged Hammered are my favorites.


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Creative Container Gardening
tipsypotsinpolkadotsbycvdhodges Topsy Turvy Flower Containers

Super easy and affordable to make!  Here is the list of supplies needed…

rebar – about 6 feet – Found at any Home Improvement Store
Sledge hammer or mallet
1 large clay pot for base
4 or 5 medium size clay pots for middle
1 small clay pot for top
Potting soil
A variety of flowers

You can paint or embellish the pots prior to planting if you wish.  Painting on clay pots is really easy, here are a few tips


1. Pound rebar into the ground at least 1 foot deep. If you want your stack shorter, you can buy a shorter rod, or hammer it deeper in the ground.

2. Place rebar through the drainage hole of the large clay pot.

3. Fill pot with dirt.

DIY flower planterDIY flower planter

4. Take your medium sized pot, put the rebar through the bottom hole, and rest it on top of the soil of the base planter.

5. Continue placing rebar through the Terracotta pots. Stack each pot on the edge of the pot below it. End with the smallest pot.

6. If you have any rebar sticking out above the top, hammer it further into the ground.

7. Fill all of your pots with potting soil. Do not overfill, or your angled pots will lose too much dirt, when watered.  After planting is complete, water your flowers.  Done!


Let me know if you have questions, I kept this tutorial very  brief.