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Home Improvements | Spring To Do List




May is the perfect month for getting outdoors, firing up the grill and celebrating. Take advantage of milder spring days and schedule some much-needed home improvements this month, so you’ll be ready to savor those barbecues and evenings on the porch. From having your house painted to cleaning out the shed, here are 14 tips and ideas for a fabulous month.  Here are just a few, click on the picture above to view the rest.  


Have your house painted. Spring, with its milder weather in many regions, is a good time to paint your house. If you’re looking to hire a house painter, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, search on Houzz and, as always, check references before hiring a pro.

Check irrigation systems. It can be disastrous to find out too late that your irrigation system has a clog or leak. Turn on each hose and irrigation system and check that it is working properly.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Remove leaves and debris left by winter storms from rain gutters and make sure downspouts are clear.

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