My Journey!

Why I Started Lipstick And Lumber!

Start Blogging Now!  A Great Way To Stay Connected.

As a “Forty Something” Mom/Wife, I found myself yearning for hobbies to keep me busy now that our Son is a college student.  My first hobby is my flower garden.  I LOVE flower gardening!  Seeing as there is a winter season where we live, I was kinda bored in late fall through winter. I really needed another hobby!   My main reason for starting Lipstick And Lumber is to stay connected with other Builders.  Now that I have a Blog, I added “Gardeners” to my list of people I want to connect with!

DIY As Much As You Can!  After shopping for new furniture, I realized that almost everything I wanted was way over priced.  Disappointed, I turned to the internet.  I found tons of links for DIY Furniture so I had to look at quite a few before I found some I really liked, and still follow to this day!  On pinterest I clicked on shanty-2-chic and was opened up to a whole new world, I am not exaggerating either 🙂  The Shanty Sisters have so many great plans and they make it super easy to follow for a beginner.  So off to becoming a DIY Builder!


Maybe this blog will spark an interest that will help you get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Happy reading, building and blogging!  Now go out and find yourself something to build!  Check out my first beginner projects HERE!

I would love to keep in touch, don’t forget to fill out the form below.  What are your new middle-aged hobbies?  What DIY Furniture sites are your favorite?  What do you do with your time now that your child(ren) are off to college?