Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl

Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire BowlOutdoor Patio Idea - DIY Fire Bowl

These flaming rock bowls pictured above are actually a product that Restoration Hardware used to sell. Although they’re no longer available, knowing RH, I’m sure they weren’t cheap.

Enter ManMade, who got all fancy with the concrete.  What a great Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl.  All the materials only cost about $40!


Outdoor Patio Idea - DIY Fire Bowl

Tools and Materials: 

  • Concrete mix
  • One extra-large bowl for exterior mold (ours was 17″ diameter)
  • One large bowl for interior mold (ours was 15″ diameter)
  • Non-stick cooking spray, or vegetable oil and paint brush
  • Large bucket for mixing
  • Medium-duty masonry trowel
  • Proper safety gear for working with concrete:
  • Heavy objects such as exercise weights (or you can use the rocks below)
  • Sandpaper or sanding pad in coarse and fine grits
  • Gel fireplace fuel canisters 
  • Replacement grill grate (ours was 14 1/2″ diameter)
  • Fire safe decorative stones 

Click on over to http://www.manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2618-how-to-make-a-diy-modern-concrete-fire-pit-from-scratch for the rest of the instructions!  This Outdoor Patio Idea – DIY Fire Bowl is super easy!