Patriotic Decorations

4th of July Deco

Patriotic Decorations

Memorial Day, 4th of July or all year round!

Patriotic Decorations – Super Easy Door Hanger!


There are many patriotic decorations you can make for indoor or outdoor.  This one doesn’t take much time and looks nice on a door, back porch or even hanging on a plant stand.

Start with a wood letter of your choice, found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.  Spray paint it white, let dry for 24 hours.  Tape off area for red stripes & blue section for stars.  I used 3M Painters Tape and when the paint is completely dry, it pulls off easily leaving crisp, even lines.  I used outdoor spray paint and Acrylic Sealant to be sure my letter was protected from the outdoor elements.

For the stars, I wanted white stickers but no luck finding the size I needed so I bought a paper punch and made my own with vinyl paper.  I found the vinyl paper with an adhesive backing at Michaels.  You also could try a stencil depending on how many stars you want to have.

Add a decorative ribbon and attach to the inside or outside of your door.  Total cost was $23.80 and I have paint, ribbon and vinyl paper left over for another one!  Hobby Lobby & Michaels have 40% discount coupons online!!

I would love to see pictures!  Send them my way.