DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit

Make your own garden stake with this DIY Metal Garden Stake Kit.  This Kit contains 7 pieces, there are 5 Petals, 1 Center & 1 Stem.  Each piece is made of forged steel and is very sturdy.  The stem is approx 48″ tall.  This is such an easy and fun welding project.  Or, you can […]

Essential Beginning Welder Tools

Are you interested in welding?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Below are a few Essential Beginning Welder Tools, safety comes first! Welding Table or Workbench A sturdy metal workbench or table is essential when welding.  Try to get one at least waist-high so you don’t have to spend hours bending over. […]

Welding Table & Workbench Ideas

The best surface to weld on is sturdy metal or mild steel.  You could use Stainless Steel but it is extremely expensive.  It is best to have either cutouts or slats for the top, you need something to adhere the clamps to.  Below are a few welding table & workbench ideas.  Make sure to buy […]